All in a day…

I was inspired today to post this little story because I’ve now heard from multiple sources that some people enjoy reading my posts about my experiences with Parkinson’s. So at work today, I needed to head to the “big shop”. Initially I was feeling pretty good and my body was working fairly well. I walked into the main office and chatted with the guys there. So far so good. I walked down to talk to the new shop foreman to introduce myself and put a face to the name. Look at me walking like a champ. Then I head down to the paint shop to talk to the paint guy and get some stencils made. As I’m heading over there I sense trouble. Like a lot of Parkys I have trouble with walking. The longer I walk often the worse it gets. I’ve already walked way more than normal as the shop is pretty big. I can tell my body is getting more wonky. By the time I get to the paint shop, I’m fighting my body to try to get it to move normally. Sometimes, when my symptoms start coming out, I’ll experience a nasty non-motor symptom I’ll refer to as “slow mode”. When this happens my head gets kinda foggy and my thinking slows down to a crawl. I begin experiencing slow mode. So now here I am, having trouble standing at this point, fumbling with the stencil machine, trying to hold a conversation with the paint shop guy, all while in slow mode. “Do you want me to do that for you?” Says the paint shop guy. “Ummm I got it.” I say as I struggle with something a child can easily do.I finally manage to make the stencil I need and get back to my car exhausted. I don’t feel like driving but I manage to get back to my building and have to veg out for a full 20 minutes before I’m functional again. Then I walk up to my office and continue my day like nothing unusual happened. This is Parkinson’s people.What makes this even more absurd is check out my workouts. Go ahead, I post them on my MJFF fundraising site. I can do things that many people cannot. I can lift hundreds of pounds after rowing (machine) myself into exhaustion then do it over and over again. I can mountain bike for hours. I can climb a wall. But I almost had to take a nap after cutting stencils.In closing I’ll leave you with this final thought. Be careful when you judge the character of a person. You have no idea what they may be going through.

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