A great day

Today was a fantastic day. I mean a really really awesome day where pretty much everything went great. It was one of those days where I hardly noticed that I have Parkinson’s disease. I rolled out of bed this morning and just knew that it was going to be such a fandamntastic amazingly great day. First thing I did once my Central Nervous System (CNS) was alert enough, was hit my deadlift workout for the week. Last week, I tried to do it with my usual intensity, but I failed. I got through the first set ok but I could barely bang out 3 reps on the 2nd set of my 3 sets of 5 reps at 360 lbs. So I chalked it up to overtraining decided to postpone it a week…until today. And today I just knew I was going to get it done. And I did.

From there, everything was all cheery and sunny and great. I was busy at work…and focused. It was one of those days where I got lots accomplished. I felt like such a champ. My kids behaved today. They even acquiesced to getting their hair cut! For months I’ve been telling them how their long hair bothers me….but today they finally let their mother cut it. Happy day! I have SONS again! After work, I was feeling good so I washed the car. Then I jumped on the trampoline with the boys. I went for a scooter ride with them. Then, I thought, “ya know everything is going so great today, I bet I could hit a PR on the deadlift.” So I did that too. I sumo deadlifted 415 lbs, a personal best for me. After dinner, we went on a family walk. And I actually walked for about 3 miles without much trouble! Definitely not a given when you live with Pd. In fact, my symptoms were very mild most of the day.

A college professor once told me that the one constant in life is that everything changes…and he was so right. Today was fantastic. But there is no guarantee that tomorrow will be the same. So I’ve learned to not worry too much about the future and just be present. ENJOY life when it’s good. Just bask in it. Because you never know when life is going to go off the rails again.

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