Can’t Shake Me

You CAN do this. CSM can help.

People with Parkinson’s (PwP) benefit greatly from regular intense exercise. Actually, everyone does. However, it’s particularly important for those of us living with the degenerative progressive neurological disease called Parkinson’s. Speaking for myself, challenging my body physically seems to magically reduce stiffness, rigidity, slowness, and other symptoms of Parkinson’s. But sometimes, it can be challenging to stay motivated. I can easily get in a rut doing the same workout over and over or just not really feel like pushing myself. Enter Can’t Shake Me (CSM). Started by fellow Parky and friend Paul Cluff, CSM is a source of fresh workouts and inspiration that helps keep me moving by staving off complacency and keeping me engaged with like-minded Parky’s. Paul’s workouts are designed for all people, with Parkinson’s or not, and scalable for a wide range of fitness levels from beginner to advanced. Since I started working out with CSM last year, it has been easier to set and meet fitness goals. It’s been much easier to stay motivated over the long haul which has resulted in major improvements in my Parkinson’s symptoms and helped improve my life overall! You CAN do this. CSM can help.

I encourage you to check out the CSM YouTube Channel:

or catch one of Paul’s live zoom workout sessions. Saturday @0830; Sunday @0900; Tuesday&Thursday @ 1930.

Zoom link:

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  3. Hey dude! Have you ever heard of Mark Twight? If you haven’t I am potentially about to blow your mind.…

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