Living with Parkinson’s – Five tips for staying Positive.

I have been having so much trouble walking consistently lately. One minute I’m walking pretty well and the next, well…

You see with Parkinson’s, everything can be going great. Then, while you’re not paying attention, it will sneak up on you, tap you on the shoulder and when you turn around, punch you directly in the throat.

So how can I stay positive?

Take care of myself – Because I have Parkinson’s I have to to be extra diligent to take care myself. Am I getting enough exercise? Am I getting enough sleep? Is it time to revisit my medication regimen? Do i feel energized through the day or do I need to take time to let myself rest? Am I eating nutritious food and am I eating frequently enough? With our busy lifestyles we are often tempted to let other priorities overtake our health. But unfortunately living with Parkinson’s, I really don’t have that luxury. Skip too many warning signs and my well-being can quickly suffer . There’s no way around that living with Parkinson’s takes a lot of time and diligence. Nonetheless, I need to take the time to take care of myself so that I feel good, and ultimately have a positive outlook on life.

Chat with someone who understands – In the age of social media it’s easy to send a quick message to a friend. Often, that’s all I need to cheer me up. Better yet, joining some fellow PwP to do something active and fun is one of my favorite things to do. Whether it be climbing at Sportrock or doing a zoom workout, connecting with other PwP always leaves me feeling more positive overall.

Try something new – Sometimes I can get a bit set in my ways to the point where life can seem a bit routine and unexciting. Oftentimes, trying something new, or even simply doing something routine a bit differently can be energizing. It can be challenging to get out of a rut but keeping an open mind to alternatives can quickly improve my attitude and generally helps keep me positive.

Practice Gratitude – Sometimes it can be easy to get focused on what I can’t do. This can lead to a lot of negative thinking that just drags me down. Instead, I try to focus on being grateful for what I can do. I can always find something to be grateful for. Remembering those things goes a long way towards making me feel more positive.

Help Others – Doing something nice for other people can be hugely beneficial for my well being. It can be as simple as providing a listening ear or offering practical advice in an area in which I’m knowledgeable. There’s something about giving my time and energy to make someone else’s life better that makes me feel good about myself.

Living with Parkinson’s (or any other Chronic Condition) can be difficult. But remembering these tips helps me to be happy, healthy, and keep a positive attitude. Perhaps they can help you too.

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