The Experiment

The other day at work I reached for the medication I take every four hours to treat Parkinson’s disease and discovered that I had only half the medication I would normally take. I wouldn’t usually purposely take a half dose but the event turned into an interesting experiment.

So what does happen when I take a half dose?

Well, within about an hour, I couldn’t focus enough to hold a technical conversation with a colleague. Despite knowing the subject very well I just couldn’t get my brain to keep up with the necessary pace. Moreover, I became unsteady on my feet and was stumbling all over the place. I realized it was time to beat a hasty retreat to my medication stash at home.

Driving home I had trouble keeping my head up and it was hard to operate the pedals with my foot. When I got home I took the medication I had missed…but I was totally wiped out. I took about an hour long nap. Only then did i start to feel almost normal.

That was just with a half dose….

The point is, properly treated Parkinson’s looks far different from improperly or even shudder untreated Parkinson’s. When one realizes that there are people in this world that don’t have access to proper treatment on their Parkinson’s, well…that’s almost a crime against humanity folks.

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