The Parky’s Wife

This Parky’s wife

I wrote this for my wife whom I dearly love. Please understand that though I write it from her perspective, I can’t possibly truly understand what it’s like. Nonetheless, I do my best to convey my interpretation of the difficulty faced by a Parky’s wife.

She hadn’t signed up for this, none of it. Not the need to pull more weight. Not the expectation to always be the stronger mate. People are always asking, “how is he doing”? Never caring that just maybe, she’s got some aches and pains that have been accruing.

It’s always about him.

She has watched him struggle. She has watched him prevail. Having stood by his side through it all. There is still a pile of laundry 30 feel tall. His gait is frustrated so on the couch he’s prostrated.

It’s always about him

He writes in his Blog of how happy he is. Of one accomplishment or another. He waxes poetic about life and it’s meaning. Meanwhile, her chores list is teaming and she feels like a failing mother.

It’s always about him.

And his support system is strong. A friends list hundreds long. He’s the member of an exclusive club. She thinks, “That’s great but I have interests too! There’s just always so much that I need to do!”

It’s always about him.

When it comes to the kids he’s often the entertaining one. Quick to go on an adventure and keep their spirits high. But on discipline he’s a little lacking finding it very taxing so she has to be the bad guy.

It’s always about him.

She knows deep down that he’s not lazy. But at any given time, at the drop of a dime he can always claim the need to rest. She knows he won’t play the “Parky Card” that way but there are some things she needs to get off her chest!

It’s always about him.

Around the house she’s tired of him stalking, is that the agonists talking? She’s desperate for some time to unwind. For the Parky she wants to be a very good wife, but sometimes this just isn’t an enjoyable life. She doesn’t want to be unkind.

It’s always about him.

She is saddened when she watches him struggle to walk . For the future they had been planning out probably won’t be panning out and will likely have all just been talk. And still,

It’s always about him.

He has so many needs to keep up his “self care”, you see. She knows he means well but hopes he can tell that it can be burdensome as can be . She just wants him to realize before things just get TOO grim….that:

It’s NOT always about him.

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