Have you ever

I wrote this poem tonight for my fellow humans. All of you. I felt a little bit unsure about a few things and it made me wonder if I’m the only one. I doubt it, but I had to ask…

Sometimes I wonder if my motives are bad
representing myself as one so very strong
but then I realize I just want to belong
I tell the story of who I might be
or is that just what I want you to see?
Has this ever made you sad?

Sometimes I feel a little bit lost.
I thought I knew which way to go,
but are these the seeds I want to sow?
my intent was benevolent my heart was pure
but now I don’t feel so very sure
Have you ever wavered on account of the cost?

Sometimes I think it’s too far to go
I think I see where I want to be
focus and dedication hold the key
but the time it will take fills me with dread
should I focus on something else instead?
Is this a feeling you also know?

Sometimes I know that I can be great
circumstances being just what they are
making me stand out like a shining star
why then do I think so much about just what to say
can’t I see there is a better way?
Have you ever felt that this was your fate?

Sometimes I understand and I can see
learning and growing takes many years
no need to rush, banish your fears
bottle up that ego, put it on the shelf
do my best to represent my true self
Have you ever felt a bit like me?

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