Non-Parky Perspective

This is mostly satire. But there definitely is some truth to this. Also, the events I mention did happen. However, I actually have no problem with the vast majority of people Parky or not.

I’m going to be a little hard on a few of you non-Parkies* tonight. I’ve got a bone to pick with you. You guys are idiots . Don’t take offense though. I’m an idiot too. Just for different reasons. I’ll explain that later. Here is my beef with you: You don’t know how incredibly good you have it and…you are assholes.

For some reason, from a pretty early age, my body didn’t work quite right. Give or take a few years, starting around high school, my body started to deteriorate. It started as mostly annoying stiffness and pain in my right foot and very gradually worsened until my near incapacitation at 38 years old. Thats a long time to deal with pain, slowness, anxiety, thinking problems, etc. I also dealt with 2 hernias, several years apart in my 20s. I believe these were caused by problems associated with Young Onset Parkinson’s. So, I was very frequently in a lot of physical and sometimes emotional pain. I’m not whining about it because shit happens to everyone but here’s the part that really bothers me about you particular non-Parky’s

You didn’t care – Ok look, I get it. It’s human nature to simply look out for yourself but it’s a little annoying how bad I actually had to finally get before anyone actually suspected that I needed medical attention. Nobody thought it was a little strange that at times I was completely normal and sharp as can be then would start having trouble walking, or talk very slowly, or weirdly. Nobody thought it was a problem when I passed out at work (hypotension is common in Parkinsons). Nobody noticed or cared that my anxiety would be so bad at times that I could hardly utter a word. Instead of suspecting I maybe had a neurological problem, I guess everyone either assumed I was a freak or, you just didn’t care. Thanks guys.

You were actually assholes to me – worse yet, you poked fun at the way I talked or made snide comments about how awkward I was or enjoyed basically just being assholes. This, despite my intense unwavering desire to simply be the best I could be. Ya damn shitheads.

You bitch and complain about stupid shit – The tiniest little inconvenience sends you into a self-righteous tirade. Meanwhile I’m trying to pretend I’m not about to fall over from pain. I listened to the pettiest complaints about minor things and would often wonder how you could be so blind to just how awesome you had it. With your fully functional bodies that worked all the time. And didn’t constantly fight you. Or hurt. You whiners.

So, here’s the reason I’m an idiot. I very clearly had a health problem. Why the heck did I try to hide it for so long. In my defense, I did go to the doctor on many occasions seeking answers. Nothing ever came of it. But I should have been much more persistent so I could have been diagnosed much, much sooner. Avoiding a lot of hurting and pain. So yes, non-Parky’s, I’m an idiot too. A much, much kinder idiot

*Person who does not have Parkinson’s Disease

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