The hourglass

An hourglass on my shoulder.

An hourglass on my shoulder.

Why is it that I see

an hourglass on my shoulder?

You see a man walking by,

carelessly he seems to glide.

Can you believe that reminds me of the burden I bear?

Some would say a terrible nightmare?

Sometimes when I try to walk, you see

it’s like my body’s revolting against me.

An hourglass on my shoulder.

If you were to see me on the street

I look just like anyone else you might meet.

“Lookin good dude” you might say on a whim

on account of the fact that I’m fit and trim.

But did you know that I take pills 5 times per day

to keep my parky symptoms at bay?

An hourglass on my shoulder.

Stuttering and stumbling when I try to walk

Is the tip of the iceberg of symptoms of which I talk.

And though the pills work well for now,

you might think I should have a cow.

As each passing year I take a little more

I can’t help but wonder what the future has in store?

You see, this disease is like an hourglass on my shoulder.

A constant reminder that I’m getting older.

You know, there was a time I cried frustrated tears.

But I quickly learned that doesn’t bring back the years.

To dwell on past and future good-times not had

makes no difference so instead, be glad.

And I think that’s the silver lining of this Hourglass on my shoulder.

Even though strutting down the lane

causes me so much undue pain .

As I’m stuttering and stumbling

enduring many symptoms, all very humbling.

You might be surprised to know that this gives me a perspective

that seems to improve the way I live!

Feeding my positivity muscle like nutritious food.

Did you know I have a lot of gratitude?

I live my life more happily and bolder?

Thanks to this Hourglass on my shoulder?

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