A Conversation with Cronos

This is how I imagine a conversation with an omniscient being might go, should I happen to stumble upon the opportunity.

Me: Wow! Where am I? And who are you?

Cronos: I don’t have a name because I’ve always been.

(I’m a little upset with my staff for letting you in.)

I was here when what you call “time” commenced with a bang

and I’ll be here when the stars no longer hang

But I know you have the simple mind of a bee

you are accustomed to names, so you may call me “Cronos”, if it puts you ease.

Me: Uh Cronos, Is it a God that I’m meeting today?

The one from the Bible that speaks of the end of days?

Cronos: That God was created in the minds of men who rode asses

then used by wicked men to control the masses

Me: So, a minute ago you said, I have the “mind of a bee?”

How can you say that when looking at me?

Mankind has built some really cool stuff!

Our understanding of physics enables us to build spacecraft! Isn’t that enough!

Cronos: Your simpleton estimations of natural phenomenon aren’t all that great

and besides…they do nothing to change your fate.

Most of what you “know” isn’t even true…do you really know what space-is?

Half of the time your silly rockets blow-up in your faces!

Me: So great and powerful you are… yet you don’t even give us a chance?

Cronus: Do you feel any remorse when treading upon ants?


I see my jest fell flat

Please do stop shaking like that.

Me: Don’t underestimate the power of a human okay?!

We invented….MMA!

Cronos: *Sigh*….your simple brains just can’t understand

How can you place upon me this ridiculous demand?

Me: Just explain a little to me about the meaning or whatever

instead of dismissing me like an old piece of leather

Cronos: Even IF I told you, the “truth” you seek would through your mind pass.

Does a goldfish grasp what lies beyond the glass?

Me: The stars are so beautiful and I long to know

how do we get there, which way do we go?

Cronos: You probably will never reach the stars

but even if you do progress to “space cars”

soon, I trust

you and everything you know will return to space dust.

Me: But that’s SO depressing! My wits are in tatters!

From what you’re telling me, absolutely nothing matters!

Cronos: That’s not what I said you simple being!

Stop freaking out! There is no sense in fleeing!

You are part of a great cosmic wheel that is forever turning.

You seem to have an extremely intense yearning

(this is something I’ve noticed about you apes)

you are quite emotional for lifeforms with the intellects of grapes.

I didn’t say that your actions don’t matter in the slightest

that there’s no such thing as the “wrongest” or the “rightest”

Me: Are you saying that It matters what I do?

Cronos: Yes!! What you do matters a great deal!

In fact, it has a direct effect on the great cosmic wheel!

Since I seemingly have to spell it out for you….

listen carefully because repeating myself is not something I do

The answer you seek is nothing but Love!

That’s what keeps the wheel turning and the stars twinkling above.

Don’t worry about the stars they’ll be fine, you know.

Don’t stress about which way you need to go.

Have you noticed that some of you have more than the other?

That’s why you really aught to love one another.

Me: Really? That’s the answer!? That can’t be right?

But what about my own dreadful plight?

I’ve got a parky body you see?

It’s stiff, and shaky and unsteady as can be!

Cronos: Listen, what you see is only part of the world for each of your kind

The majority of your personal universes lives in your mind.

If you can bring yourself to love one another,

you can literally change the world for your sister or brother.

There is really no greater power in your possession

Consider this your greatest lesson!

Me: Ok I guess I can try….

Cronos: And don’t worry about the disease that makes you not spry

after all, each of your kinds fate is to eventually die

But don’t worry or fret, what comes to an end

will surely start over and begin again

the more love for one another that your kind is showing

makes each new beginning better the one that’s out-going

Now I must go. The items on my to-do list add up to a very large number

I’m sending you back to where you presently slumber!

Me: Wait….

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