It’s been a little over three and a half years since being diagnosed.

As I think back on those first miserable days,

almost seemingly unbearable.

I spent weeks on-end shut away from the world and grieving.

In a future for me, I was not believing.

I’m not ready to be old!

Damn you Parkinson’s! Making life such a challenging dance!

At such an early age! I never got the chance!

I raged.

To unlock achievements I need focus and skill!

and a body full of vigor and vitality!

Aging already tossing away the keys…

all the more earnestly on account of this ruthless disease!

But then…

I pulled myself together.

Saved by determination and grit.

As time goes on it gradually becomes clear:

I have absolutely nothing to fear.

When I think about the person I’m turning out to be,

I wonder maybe…

The world needs the types like me!

Quiet, yet restless and driven.

Doing their best with what they’ve been given.

For though, at times I struggle even with walking,

I know that I stir within others inspirational talking.

After all,

maybe it’s the people who struggle like me.

That is, those of us with disabilities,

who are meant to reveal the possibilities!

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