Old Friends New Resolve

Like anything else in life, Parkinson’s get’s old. Having it can wear on you. Day in and day out, Parkinson’s this, Parkinson’s that. It’s always on my mind because….it’s basically always in my face, making me uncomfortable or in outright pain. Did you know that I recently forgot how to walk? Yep, I travelled for a few weeks and got waaay out of whack with my “movements” and found myself in a situation where my legs, my posterior chain were basically clueless as to what to do. And I still haven’t fully recovered. True, when I do exercises to “recalibrate” my mind/body connection I move better. Simply walking more is one such exercise. But it takes time to get back into the rhythm. You know what else? While walking does help, if I walk TOO much my foot gets very painfully stiff and huuurts. That’s called dystonia. Damned if do. Damned if you don’t. Parkinson’s.

So yea, stuff like that (oh there’s lots more – but I’ll spare you), makes life challenging.

For some reason today, I was feeling reminiscent so I reached out and said hello to an old friend from high school via Facebook. We had not spoken probably for well over 2 decades but she said that she was impressed by the way I was handling Parkinson’s. That my family must be proud. My chest swelled with Pride, just a bit. It was really nice to hear that someone from that far in my past was paying attention and appreciated my “dominating” the disease, I believe is the word that she used. If she only knew the daily struggle…the fact that the disease torments you Every. Single. Day. Relentlessly.

But on the other hand, it was refreshing. Life is hard for everyone no doubt. But the extra acknowledgment that I do deal with an unusual bit of hardship and that I do handle it pretty well helped to rejuvenate my desire to do everything I can to keep moving. Beat the disease back. While I wasn’t fishing for compliments in any way whatsoever by reaching out to the friend, the comment had a lasting positive impact.

So two take-aways…for the PwP be wary of getting out of your exercise regimen for too long. It’s easy to forget how effective it is at keeping us moving. …

For the non-PwP, be aware that a kind word to someone suffering from a chronic illness can brighten their day and help give them a little extra push to keep up their silent battle.

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