Always there for you

Sometimes I sit down and and wonder who

you’ll be when you grow up

and what kind of father I’ve been for you.

What has it been like to have a Parky Dad?

I try to be a good father.

Praise you for good behavior, discipline you for bad.

But I know I haven’t always followed through.

So much time I’ve spent managing symptoms that just don’t relent

Time I would have much rather spent with you.

I know there are times my affliction gets in the way

you have no idea how much it has hurt me

when I can’t be there and play.

But nobody chooses Parkinson’s you see?

It’s what you do with what you have been given

I hope you understand this when you think of me

I want to be remembered, my story repeated

as the dad who overcame

and provided all that you needed.

I hope the love is what each of you sees

and that I’ll always be here for you

despite Parkinson’s disease!

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