I see you….

For the ones that work 3 times harder to get 1/2 the work done.  
For the ones who live with the truth that they will be caught, no matter how hard they run.

For the ones who endure (and overcome) physical challenges daily, big and small.
But learn that it’s the challenges that no-one sees that present the biggest obstacles of all.

For the ones who see their family watch helpless unsure what to do.
Because they don’t know if what they see is the disease, the medications, or if they are actually seeing you.

For the ones that try SO hard to be a good husband, father, son, brother and friend….
But are constantly at odds with the energy your body (and mind) will allow you to spend…
…and they can’t possibly comprehend….

When ensnared as such one would certainly pardon one who might surrender and hide away. 
Yet tenacity practically flows through your veins so you take it all on anyway.  

For the ones who grapple with a disease that not even the best doctor understands.
So despite all the advice you get, your care is fully in your own hands

You are YOPD and it’s difficult for most people to appreciate the struggle the disease put you through…

But I hope it makes you smile, at least for a little while, knowing that…

I see you.

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