To my family and my friends.

Today is an incredible day! It’s my Birthday! Hurray!

Not really sure what I’m supposed to say. Happy when I get that birthday message from Family and Friends on this day. From some of you, your messages really flatter. It’s nice to know that to someone, you really do matter.

Not to get all “out there” but…

The universe is hard to wrap your mind around ya know? One day I was nowhere to be found, and the next minute, I’m crawlin’ round…it wasn’t all that long ago.

A short while later here we are. Gazing up at the very same stars.

The chances of existing are so incredibly small
It’s amazing that we’re here at all

To say life is short seems a little trite
let me put this in a slightly different light

Compared to the entirety of the timeline from the Big Bang and after
our lifespans are so tiny that they really shouldn’t matter

But somehow, impossibly, our lives actually do
My life has meaning because of you

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