My name is Eric Slominski and I’m just like everyone else, except I have Parkinson’s disease. This gives me a slightly different view of the world – a Parky Perspective.

I was diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease (YOPD) at 38 years of age. Suddenly so many of the things that I had struggled with for many years made sense. Since diagnosis I’ve improved in so many ways but this insidious incurable disease still has a firm grasp on my life – and is expected to worsen as time goes on. Despite this, my wife and I still work full-time jobs to support our two boys and comfortable lifestyle in Northern Virginia. Through regular Blog posts follow along with me on my journey as my family and I try to navigate the normal challenges of family life, all the while managing my chronic illness. What’s it like to work full-time with YOPD? How long will I be able to sustain this pace of life? How will this disease change us (for better or worse) over time? I hope to provide little glimpses of my life over time to help answer these questions…and more.

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