Old Friends New Resolve

Like anything else in life, Parkinson’s get’s old. Having it can wear on you. Day in and day out, Parkinson’s this, Parkinson’s that. It’s always on my mind because….it’s basically always in my face, making me uncomfortable or in outright pain. Did you know that I recently forgot how to walk? Yep, I travelled forContinue reading “Old Friends New Resolve”


Parkinson’s causes a host of troubling, difficult, and downright awful symptoms that worsen over time. Living well with Parkinson’s is dependent on a variety of factors. As the disease inevitably progresses some People with Parkinson’s (PwP) choose to live with a purpose. When five relative strangers from all over the country convened in Oaxaca MexicoContinue reading “Oaxaca”

Things That Disappoint Me About Humans

Yesterday afternoon I was enjoying a bike ride along the side of the road when a passerby in a truck decided he had a message for me. “Faggot!” he screamed as he roared past. I was of course jolted out of my revelry, nearly crashing the bike. Why did this gentlemen decide it would beContinue reading “Things That Disappoint Me About Humans”

Vacationing with Parkinson’s

I just got back from a weeklong vacation in Maui with my wife and two boys! We had a great time! You would never know it from looking at the great vacation pictures but, the trip was not without its challenges. Having Parkinson’s disease made it a bit extra challenging in several ways. Read onContinue reading “Vacationing with Parkinson’s”

“Exercise” for Person’s with Parkinson’s

It is now well accepted that exercises of many kinds are beneficial for People with Parkinson’s (PwP). I am not an expert in the field as I am not a licensed physical therapist nor have I formal training in treating movement disorders . However, I do have Pd and have turned to Recreational Movements* (RMs)Continue reading ““Exercise” for Person’s with Parkinson’s”