Can’t Shake Me

You CAN do this. CSM can help. People with Parkinson’s (PwP) benefit greatly from regular intense exercise. Actually, everyone does. However, it’s particularly important for those of us living with the degenerative progressive neurological disease called Parkinson’s. Speaking for myself, challenging my body physically seems to magically reduce stiffness, rigidity, slowness, and other symptoms ofContinue reading “Can’t Shake Me”

Parkinson’s and Walking

Parkinson’s challenges you. It takes something that should be simple, like walking and turns it into something substantially more adventurous than it is for non-Parkies. When I’m walking at my very best, I get into what i believe is commonly referred to as a state of “flow”. Where I’m totally absorbed and occupied mentally andContinue reading “Parkinson’s and Walking”

Parkinson’s and relationships

Parkinson’s is difficult in many ways. From walking difficulties, to frequently feeling fatigued, speaking difficulties and….the list just goes on and on. But you know, it’s one thing when the un-invited guest tries to make a mess of my own life. But, I really hate it when the little bastard messes with those with whomContinue reading “Parkinson’s and relationships”

The most annoying symptom?

Communication is incredibly important for us humans. It is what ultimately allows us to work together to achieve great things.  More than that, good communication is important for our own well-being.  Basically, to be understood feels good.  In many people with Parkinson’s communication is difficult.   I read Facebook posts all the time of fellow ParkiesContinue reading “The most annoying symptom?”