From the mind of a Parky

To have Parkinson’s To have parkinsons’s is to be misunderstood constantly.  Oh you’re stiff, I’m stiff too.  Hey why don’t you smile?  Oh you need breaks and get tired…same here.  The thing is, it’s NOT the same.  In the beginning, when the symptoms are mild, it’s hard to argue that the small irregularities are notContinue reading “From the mind of a Parky”

Pillars of self care

For me, there seems to be 4 main “pillars” of self care for PD. Other People with Parkinson’s (PWP) may have other philosophies on self care but this seems to work for me.Medication, Exercise, Diet, Stress Management. A few words on each below.Medication – For about the first year after being diagnosed, I purposely tookContinue reading “Pillars of self care”

The weird world of Parkinson’s

Some of you may have noticed that I carry a backpack with me wherever I go. I use it to carry my medication and my food. I take three types of medications to help control my Parkinson’s symptoms. One of those medications I take every 3 hours throughout the day. To help the medication workContinue reading “The weird world of Parkinson’s”