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In my head

What version of self do I get today? The one that is confident and self assured? Or the one that can’t walk and never knows what to say? I often wonder how much more I could accomplish. If i wasn’t waging a war with my mind with my body as an accomplice. I stumble IContinue reading “In my head”

Parkinson’s Awareness

Someday in the very near future I’m going to have a “celebration of movement”. Yet I’d like to be careful how I cultivate perceptions of Parkinson’s by doing so. What I’ve chosen to do on that day is ride my mountain bike 10 miles to a climbing gym (within 1 hr). Deadlift 450lbs (there’s aContinue reading “Parkinson’s Awareness”

Old Friends New Resolve

Like anything else in life, Parkinson’s get’s old. Having it can wear on you. Day in and day out, Parkinson’s this, Parkinson’s that. It’s always on my mind because….it’s basically always in my face, making me uncomfortable or in outright pain. Did you know that I recently forgot how to walk? Yep, I travelled forContinue reading “Old Friends New Resolve”


Parkinson’s causes a host of troubling, difficult, and downright awful symptoms that worsen over time. Living well with Parkinson’s is dependent on a variety of factors. As the disease inevitably progresses some People with Parkinson’s (PwP) choose to live with a purpose. When five relative strangers from all over the country convened in Oaxaca MexicoContinue reading “Oaxaca”

Bad Days

I’ve tended to preferentially highlight my good days living with this shitty disease. I mean, who really wants to write about a bad day, or a negative experience or shudder…admit to some kind of weakness. Just why is that? Well, I think that we feel judged by the world. Sometimes, we’re our own biggest critics.Continue reading “Bad Days”


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