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Training for MMA

Parkinson’s is full of weird inconsistencies. Sometimes I can’t seem to master walking. But I can almost always dash up the stairs. One minute I’m full of energy, the next my leg is dragging and I can hardly utter a word. One minute I’m struggling to keep my balance simply standing to watch my sonsContinue reading “Training for MMA”


Early rising Start off exercising, Then, time to go pay those bills. Wife wishes me a “great day” I don’t know quite what to say… So, I just swallow my big handful of pills. Meds not quite working legs are still jerking when I get to my job. Coworkers take it in stride. I goContinue reading “Champions”

Brain Chemicals

I hope your summer is going well. Mine has been pretty good so far. My in-laws are staying with us for the summer helping to keep the boys occupied so my wife and I can continue working full time. My in-laws are eager to helpfully pitch-in around the house, which leaves extra time for myContinue reading “Brain Chemicals”

I see you….

For the ones that work 3 times harder to get 1/2 the work done.  For the ones who live with the truth that they will be caught, no matter how hard they run. For the ones who endure (and overcome) physical challenges daily, big and small.But learn that it’s the challenges that no-one sees that presentContinue reading “I see you….”

Goodbye Agonists

When I initially vowed to reduce my agonists several weeks ago in response to some distressing obsessive behaviors, I resolved to get off them completely. When I took that first step, a reduction of a measly 2mg/day: I felt sick. I felt nauseous. I felt weird. I wasn’t so sure I would be able toContinue reading “Goodbye Agonists”

In my head

What version of self do I get today? The one that is confident and self assured? Or the one that can’t walk and never knows what to say? I often wonder how much more I could accomplish. If i wasn’t waging a war with my mind with my body as an accomplice. I stumble IContinue reading “In my head”


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