Blame the Patient

I’ve noticed something disturbing. There seems to be this intrinsic tendency to assume that because someone is sick, laid up, suffering from some affliction, or otherwise down on their luck, they must have either a) done something wrong to get themselves into that situation or b) deserve it somehow, or both. This is incredibly wrong.Continue reading “Blame the Patient”

Day of Love, Family, and Friendship

Yesterday was just an all around great day. The kind of day that, despite only getting 2 hours of sleep the previous night (Parky Problems…), just left me with a sense of contentment. An individual deserving of all the happiness this world has to offer found love. Families came together to celebrate that love. AndContinue reading “Day of Love, Family, and Friendship”

The Epiphany

Lately I haven’t been walking well.  I go through spells where I can’t walk very well but this latest walking drought has been….dragging on. Get it…dragging, as in leg dragging….ok Parky Humor, sorry. My days are interspersed with brief periods of walking decently, but trending decidedly more towards struggling to achieve a satisfactory heel-to-toe.  WhenContinue reading “The Epiphany”

The Joys of Travel with an Almost Fully Functional Body

“Anybody can do this when your body works properly” Those are the words I recall frequently exclaiming indignantly to myself as I watched my peers cruise through life seemingly effortlessly as I struggled to do pretty much anything. That included simply walking, talking, and managing to not have a nervous breakdown. I struggled with theseContinue reading “The Joys of Travel with an Almost Fully Functional Body”

Living with Parkinson’s – Five tips for staying Positive.

I have been having so much trouble walking consistently lately. One minute I’m walking pretty well and the next, well… You see with Parkinson’s, everything can be going great. Then, while you’re not paying attention, it will sneak up on you, tap you on the shoulder and when you turn around, punch you directly inContinue reading “Living with Parkinson’s – Five tips for staying Positive.”

The Saga of the Foot (Part 2)

I bet you didn’t know that a foot can be part of a Saga? In this particular Saga, my right foot plays the antagonist. The villainous traiter has exasperated it’s owner with stiffness and pain for decades. Usually a Saga has a brave hero. In this Saga, I play the hapless victim. In the beginningContinue reading “The Saga of the Foot (Part 2)”