Photography (Under Construction)

Along with Exercise, Photography helps me manage my Young Onset Parkinson’s Symptoms. It’s a relaxing activity that allows me to be creative in the composition as well as the processing of the images. I have found that being creative, for some reason, seems to help reduce my symptoms. Getting a good picture often necessitates planning as well as a fair amount of physically moving around. The planning part keeps my mind engaged and the moving around part is always good for us with Parkinson’s as well. Since my wife is also into Photography as a hobby, it gives us something we can connect on. Finally, once all the planning has been done, the outing has been executed, and the pictures have been collected…then comes my favorite part! Processing the photos in Photoshop is fun and relaxing and gives me something engaging to do while my body is “Parky”. That is, when my Parkinson’s symptoms are giving me trouble and I’m unable to move around as well. Recently, I’ve gotten into photographing deep sky objects. Check out some of my favorite pictures (and Photoshop creations) below. Read about some recent musings on photography and Photoshop here in this Blog Post.



Puerto Rico




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